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My First Attempt at Making Lotion

Posted on June 3, 2013 at 11:15 PM

I have to admit, making lotion never seemed to be tops on the priority list. I don't use it very  often, I never have. When I researched making some to sell, I couldn't find a way to make it last very long without adding something unsavory to it...defeats the purpose. And, to be perfectly honest, a lot of lotion tutorials can be quite intimidating...until now.

Without being intimidating, the basics of lotion making is that you need a water base (it is the green tea here) + an oil base (calendula infused oil) + an emulsifier (beeswax) to bind the oil and water together. It's not too difficult when you put it that way, right? There is actually a lot more science to it-as in the percentages if your three major ingredients, and there are a lot of websites that go into it, but it may be better for this post to share the recipe and then let you make it your own.

So here it is!

Basic Moisturizing Lotion

This recipe will make about 16 oz. of lotion.

1 cup Green Tea, steeped and cooled- you can also use water, infused water, etc.

3/4 cup Calendula Infused Oil ( how to make infused oils) - you can also just use olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, etc.

1 oz. Beeswax- vegans can use candellila wax

Optional: a few drops of essential oil of your choice

How To Make Lotion

1. Pour your green tea in a blender.

2. In a double broiler (don't have one? Check below), heat your oil and beeswax until it melts completely. Once melted, remove from the double broiler and let cool for 2-3 minutes.

3. Remove the middle stopper of the lid, put the lid on and start the blender at medium speed. Slowly pour the oil and beeswax mix through the top to begin the emulsifying process. If there is still water on the surface, turn up the blender and mix until thoroughly blended. If you're adding essential oil or other additives, now would be the time to add them.

**I must intervene here- this is what the recipe said. What I found was that I had to stop the blender several times and mix through with my spatula- then blend more.**

4. Using your spatula, transfer the lotion from the blender into glass jars (or container of your choosing). Let sit, uncovered (you can lay cheesecloth on it if you'd like) for one hour, or until room temperature. Placing the lid on while it's warm will cause condensation to form under the lid, which will water down the lotion and form bacteria. When it's cooled, you can put on the lids.

This will last for 3 months on the counter, or 6 months in the fridge.

And that's it!

This is the one and only time I have made lotion. If I do it again, I may forgo the blender and use my stick mixer. The blender was a pain to clean afterward, and I think I may have more control with the stick mixer.

Hopefully this basic recipe will get you to try to make lotion. From here, you can create lotions to suit you!

You can use infused oils with herbs that work with your skin type. I used Calendula infused oil because it's great for all skin types, soothing, and simple.

You can use different water bases- rose water, some even suggested milk, but having not tried it, I can't say how it works.

Use essential oils that are good for your type of skin, or just pleasing to your sense of smell. We used the blend I make for my Love soaps and sprays.

The sky is the limit with what you can do with this basic recipe!

Dont have a double boiler? Try this!

Three canning lids at the bottom of your pot! Fill half way with water and insert your pyrex measuring cup to add your oil and beeswax.

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