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Quotes I got my package the other day and let me tell you it took me 10 minutes to open it. It smelled so good my dog wanted it. As an unopened package it has some wonderful smells coming from it. I can't tell you who was more excited me or the dog. We opened the Herbal Pain Relief and smelled I think we both died and went to heaven. I tried it ASAP and had instant relief it works well as both a pain reliever and as a vapor rub. I would recommend it. I haven't tried the soaps or the lip balm as they are Christmas stocking stuffers. Quotes
Patricia Gleason

Quotes I have been using Annie's products for a while and love them all! One of my many favorites is her peppermint salt soap, oh the lip balm is fantastic, and her duck soaps are my kids favorite, and....ok, everything is a favorite! :) Quotes

Quotes This is to everyone who reads Annie's post. If you have not tried her soaps your missing out. Her soap will make your skin as soft as a baby. If you have issuses with itching from bug bites as I do you'll love the eucalyptus soap. If you want kissable lips, get you some lip balm. Please treat your skin and lips to her products. I promise you'll be very happy and so will your skin and lips! Quotes

Quotes Loving the Sandalwood - Rosemary soap! Creamy, gentle, and it smells beautiful. A soap any natural product connoisseur will absolutely love. ♥ Quotes

Quotes Just got home and tried my new lip balm......I LOVE IT!!!!! I wish i had ordered more soap-it smells so nice and left my skin feeling so fresh and soft. Thanks again!!!!!! Quotes
A. Cooley

Quotes Received my order of frog soaps and a handful of lip balms. The delivery was fast and the products are above expectations. I'll definetly be ordering more soaps as they will make excellent gifts. The lip balms not only smell wonderful but leave a nice feeling on your lips. I will be a returning customer! Quotes
Urban Homesteader in Training

Quotes Yahoo! Just got my order of 15 frog soaps in the mail today - they are AWESOME! I also got 4 lip balms, and one coat put on about 6 hours ago has kept my lips from getting chapped (like they usually are all winter...) - it is fantastic! Thanks HH! Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I loved the Buttercream lipbalm. Awesome Quotes

Quotes My wife thinks your lip-balm is awesome. Quotes
Homesteader in MN